Lenzman's debut album "Looking At The Stars" was released June 16th 2014.

Album Tracklist
01. Lazy Dub
02. Just Can't Take (feat. DRS)
03. My Tearz (feat. Steo)
04. Through My Eyes
05. 1978 (Interlude)
06. Paper Faces (feat. Martyna Baker)
07. Move & Focus (feat. Dan Stezo)
08. Collapse
09. Private Eye
10. It's Yours (Interlude)
11. Always
12. Burner
13. Anticipate (feat. Martyna Baker)
14. Starz (feat. Kevin King)
15. Empty Promise (Jubei Remix) [Bonus Track]

You can buy the album HERE.

“A sublime masterpiece of funk, it’s been a long time coming and it’s a masterclass in soulful music that we don’t hear enough of these days. The Kid bought his A game. An album that I’m very much looking forward to releasing.”

Chase and Status
“We've been supporting Lenzman for many years now and this album has been a long time in the making. What we have here is his deep, Soulful stamp on Drum and Bass featuring some fantastic new talent and some greats from the scene. There's a lot of pressure releasing on a label so rich in history like Metalheadz, but Lenzman delivers effortlessly. If you're a Drum and Bass fan then this is essential listening.”

“Soulful music has its moments and its artists, Lenzman is a producer I have been checking for a long time, a unique twist to the deeper side of Drum & Bass.”

DJ Friction
“Been a big fan of Lenzman for a long time now. Can't wait for this LP!.”

“This is an artist LP full of soul and integrity that very few can achieve. Lenzman has crafted something that sounds mature and accomplished from start to finish, something that many could learn from. A strong debut from the Dutch D'Angelo of DnB.”

“A sumptuous illustration of 21st-century Drum & Bass."

"The album paints Lenzman's entire musical heritage onto one tidy canvas, with every colour heralded by measured brush strokes."

Trap Magazine
"Looking At The Stars is an accomplished debut album that reaches into the very core of what fuels the enduring appeal of Drum & Bass music."

On his glowing Drum and Bass album, 'Looking At The Stars', on Goldie's esteemed Metalheadz label, Lenzman shoots for the heavens and hits his target...”